Brown Crab and Fishcake Laksa by Anaïs van Manen

The second recipe in this month’s guest chef series is Brown Crab and Fishcake Laksa by @anais.vanmanen After doing time in the kitchens of Bones, Cafe Bar Universal, Auberge de Chassignole, Trullo, amongst others, Anaïs became head of research and development for BAO until the end of 2020

"This recipe is inspired by the early mornings in Singapore...

Winter Braised Oxtail by Anaïs van Manen

"There is nothing better than a bowl of braised fall-into-pieces beef over rice, potatoes or even pasta. Oxtail has the perfect ratio of gelatinous goodies and meat for a long relaxing braise. It never disappoints. After the festive season, we all deserve an effortless, stress-free dish that we can forget in the oven." Anaïs van Manen, @anais.vanmanen


1 whole oxtail 


Puy Lentils with Grilled Radicchio and Caramelised Lemons

There is an undeniably irresistible flavour of those caramelised lemon slices you find tucked in and roasted alongside a chicken. So much so that I like to cook lemon slices and shallots on their own, adding their slightly charred sweet flavour to side dishes and vegetarian options on those occasions when stealing the crispy edged golden slices off the...

Brisket, Beer and Beetroot Hotpot by Ed Smith

"A lip-smacking winter rib-tickler. Appropriately, it’s all cooked in one pot." Ed Smith,

Serves 4-6

Pear and Cranberry Cornmeal Cobbler by Hanna Geller

"Pear and cranberries might just be my favourite combination of late autumn sweetness. They lend themselves beautifully to the warm seasonal spices, but feel free to use apples, or in the summer berries and stone fruit with a simple dash of cinnamon, vanilla and lemon instead. (In winter, berry cobbler is delicious with frozen berries. Do not defrost first).


Slow Roast Aromatic Chicken by Hanna Geller of Building Feasts

"There is something about the winter months that gives us permission for slow cooking. Unlike many of my recipes, this chicken cooks at low heat for 3 hours, leaving plenty of time for pottering around and produces succulent, falling off the bone warmly spiced chicken as a prize at the end. This chicken is delicious either served...

Roasted Squash with Sprout Tops

"Autumn brings all the orange hues, bringing warmth to our hearts as well as our plates. Grilling and roasting the squash in wedges makes for wonderful shapes on the plate, plus the added bonus of ease as the skin is edible as are the seeds which toast beautifully on the tray with everything else.

This is another dish...

A Matter of Taste – Leanne Cloudsdale talks to Christopher Moorby about convenience, cast iron cookware and chilli-con-carne

Christopher Moorby understands good design better than most. As co-founder and creative director of London’s esteemed Commission Studio, he spends his days working with some of the world’s most prestigious brands. An enthusiastic cook in his spare time, he’s been a big fan of the C1 for a number of years. He’s a real advocate of quality over quantity –...

Mussels steamed with fennel and lovage by James Lowe

"I love cooking mussels, it’s such a quick meal. It’s nice to be able to eat with your hands and the broth tastes fantastic. Mussel cooking liquid is better than a fish stock by a mile and the sweet and sour that comes from the cider combined with the flavour enhancing aniseed from fennel is a winner."


No Knead Sourdough by Bread Ahead

"At Bread Ahead, we believe everyone can fit great bread making into their lives. This no knead sourdough recipe is perfect no matter how busy a schedule you have, and it produces an amazing loaf.", @breadaheadbakery

Equipment: Crane C1 Casserole


Makes 1KG loaf