A Matter of Taste – Leanne Cloudsdale talks to Christopher Moorby about convenience, cast iron cookware and chilli-con-carne

Christopher Moorby understands good design better than most. As co-founder and creative director of London’s esteemed Commission Studio, he spends his days working with some of the world’s most prestigious brands. An enthusiastic cook in his spare time, he’s been a big fan of the C1 for a number of years. He’s a real advocate of quality over quantity –...

Mussels steamed with fennel and lovage by James Lowe

"I love cooking mussels, it’s such a quick meal. It’s nice to be able to eat with your hands and the broth tastes fantastic. Mussel cooking liquid is better than a fish stock by a mile and the sweet and sour that comes from the cider combined with the flavour enhancing aniseed from fennel is a winner."


No Knead Sourdough by Bread Ahead

"At Bread Ahead, we believe everyone can fit great bread making into their lives. This no knead sourdough recipe is perfect no matter how busy a schedule you have, and it produces an amazing loaf."

breadahead.com, @breadaheadbakery

Equipment: Crane C1 Casserole


Makes 1KG loaf

Campfire or Cooker – The Indestructible C-Series By Leanne Cloudsdale

There’s something undeniably reassuring about using cast iron cookware. Its substantial weight and stature have the power to turn even the simplest recipe into something that feels altogether more elegant – and serious. An omelette becomes a triumph when it’s served at the table still nestled in the piping hot pan, with steam steadily rising for added culinary drama.


Chorizo, red pepper, butter bean & tomato stew by James Lowe

"This is a very satisfying dish, it works in the summer or the winter. In summer just eat at a cooler temperature and wilt in some spring cabbage at the end. Let it down with a splash of water and finish by grating lemon zest and giving a big drizzle of olive oil all over it." James Lowe, @flor.london @lyleslondon


Lemon sole, peas & bacon by James Lowe

"This is designed as a quick and easy dinner, requiring just a couple of pans. Frying a flat fish is very easy but it scares a lot of people. If you don’t fancy attempting to fry the fish you can always cut a piece of parchment that will line the frying pan and roast it in a 190C oven. The parchment...

Broccoli, parmesan, anchovies & chilli by James Lowe

"This works well as a lunch (especially if you add a fried egg) or as a side for something like roast fish. It’s very quick to cook but relies on fresh broccoli and excellent anchovies and parmesan. Buy the best with your larder ingredients, life is too short to be eating bad anchovies". James Lowe, @flor.london @lyleslondon

Equipment: C3 Casserole...

How to use your Crane pots and pans

Designed with functional simplicity in mind Crane products are highly versatile pieces of equipment. Moving easily between hob, oven and table our products can be used for everything from stewing, blanching vegetables, searing/browning meats, boiling pasta, slow-cooking in the oven to baking bread.

How to cook with enamelled cast Iron


Braised Peas & Leeks by Lucy Timm

This week's Braised Peas & Leeks is the last of four recipes
by Lucy Timm that are both delicious and easy to prepare at home. Lucy is Chef de partie at Leroy wine bar & restaurant in London.

Equipment: C1 & C2


For veg stock

  • 2x sticks Celery
  • 2x Carrots
  • 1x Onion
  • 1x Lot of washed leek ends
  • 1x Can Borlotti Beans
  • 1x Can Peas or frozen...

Roasted Squash & Chickpea Curry by Lucy Timm

This weeks Roasted Squash & Chickpea Curry is the third of four recipes by Lucy Timm that are both delicious and easy to prepare at home. Lucy is Chef de partie at Leroy wine bar & restaurant in London.


C1 Casserole & C5 Griddle

Hand or food blender


  • 1x Squash
  • 1x Red Pepper
  • 1x Tin Chickpeas
  • 1/3rd Coconut milk
  • 1x Brown Onion
  • 1x thumb...