How to use your Crane pots and pans

Sun, Apr 26, 20

Designed with functional simplicity in mind Crane products are highly versatile pieces of equipment. Moving easily between hob, oven and table our products can be used for everything from stewing, blanching vegetables, searing/browning meats, boiling pasta, slow-cooking in the oven to baking bread.

How to cook with enamelled cast Iron

Pre-heat your Crane products gradually on a low heat for 3-5 minutes ensuring the flame size is smaller than the bottom of your pan. Add your cooking oil or butter and then increase the temperature to medium or just under. Your pan is now ready to use. 

When cooking fried eggs please ensure they are at room temperature. Following the instructions above wait for the oil to shimmer (but not smoke) and then add your eggs to the pan. Wait for it to release naturally. This method will ensure the egg is perfectly cooked.

Oven safe

Crane pots and pans are oven safe to 480°F / 250°C making them ideal for slow cooking and achieving a professional crust on home-cooked bread.

Hot and cold

The natural properties of cast iron allow it to keep your food warm in the Winter, and cool in the Summer, making it ideal for chilled summer soups. Placing the casserole in the fridge before use allows the pan to accumulate a good chill – keeping your dish cool at the table.

Before First use

Before using your product for the first time please wash it in warm water with washing up soap and a natural cloth or sponge and dry thoroughly. We recommend covering the inside of our cast iron C-Series products with a little vegetable oil, and then heating it on a low flame for a few minutes. Wipe off excess oil with a cloth. This process will improve cooking performance, repeat if necessary. Your product is now ready to use.

Saving Energy

Make the most of the high stored heat of cast iron and tri-tly stainless steel products by reducing the heat early and switching it off before the end of the cooking time. Always cook with the lid on wherever possible.


Wash in warm water, using washing up soap and a natural cloth or sponge. If residue remains after cleaning, soak in warm water for fifteen minutes to loosen. For particularly stubborn stains or burnt on food the following methods may be used;

Clean by boiling a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water for a few minutes or
by boiling water and 2 or 3 spoonfulls of baking soda for a few minutes.
Alternatively clean with non-abrasive proprietary cleaners and a soft brush or sponge.


Regardless of the heat source used (electric, gas, induction), Crane cast iron and tri-ply stainless steel cookware must be heated progressively to avoid thermal shock and possible damage. 

Select a hob, which is smaller or equal to the dimension of the bottom of your product; allowing flames from gas hobs to touch the sides of the pot may cause discolouration or damage. To avoid pitting or marking of the interior we would recommend that salt is added to simmering or boiling water and stirred until dissolved.

We recommend the use of wooden or plastic utensils. Never use wire wool or any other metal-based scrubbers. To avoid any risk of burns, always use a pot holder or oven glove. Do not place a hot vessel on an unprotected surface. Dry thoroughly once clean before storing.

After use and maintenance

After the pot has cooled from cooking, wash in warm water with washing up soap and dry thoroughly with a clean cloth. Let pots sit in the open air before storing. After drying, you can brush the inside of our C-Series pans with a little vegetable oil to maintain the black enamelled surface.

Do not use bleach or abrasive chemicals - if residue remains after cleaning, soak in warm water to loosen. Dishwasher use is possible however the harsh detergents and insecure environment may cause damage and affect the “non-stick” properties. Do not stack Crane cast iron and stainless tri-ply stainless steel products without protecting the exterior surface. The knobs may loosen with use. Check the tightness from time to time and gently re-tighten them if necessary.