Campfire or Cooker – The Indestructible C-Series By Leanne Cloudsdale

Wed, Jul 08, 20

There’s something undeniably reassuring about using cast iron cookware. Its substantial weight and stature have the power to turn even the simplest recipe into something that feels altogether more elegant – and serious. An omelette becomes a triumph when it’s served at the table still nestled in the piping hot pan, with steam steadily rising for added culinary drama.

For anyone hoping to perfect their cooking skills (or improve the everyday staples such as risotto and hearty stews, to searing fresh vegetables, fish or meat) really ought to give any old, scratched, non-stick numbers a wide birth; we all know that flaked chemical coatings are not good for you.

This lack of longevity in so-called modern cookware is what makes buying cast iron products a real no-brainer. This kind of kitchen hardware is the stuff of legend, passed down from one family member to another. There’s no planned obsolescence here – you’re investing in something you’ll use for life. From the ritual of seasoning it before its maiden voyage to the stovetop, to flipping your first pancake (think of the bicep workout), this is a sturdy tool you won’t ever regret buying.

Crane Cookware has worked with leading chefs over the years to guarantee their beautifully simple designs are robust enough to withstand the relentless demands of a professional kitchen. Ergonomics, durability and above all – reliability are at the core of the cast iron C-Series. Virtually indestructible, they are made from specially formulated matt black vitreous enamel inside and out (a blend of steel, quartz, clay, feldspar, borax, soda ash and potash). With a naturally healthy, subtle textured appearance which will gradually ‘burn in’, you’re certified to be sautéing, caramelizing, searing, and braising food without fear of health risks.

Free from Cadmium, Lead, PFOAs & PTFEs and made with 30% recycled materials, Crane have created this range to transform the taste and texture of food. With even heat distribution and no nasty hot spots to turn your best intentions into charcoal, they can turn even a novice like me into someone who feels more confident in the kitchen.


Written by Leanne Cloudsdale
Photo 1&3 © StudioSempix
Photo 2 © Nick Ballon