Sanbei Clams - Bao Team

As part of our collaboration with Lyle's they asked a few of their favourite chefs to come up with a recipe for our range of cast iron pans. Todays Sanbei recipe from Bao is made in our C3 Frying pan. Expect to see recipes from Karam Sethi & James Knappett in the coming weeks.

“The name san bei translates to “three cup”, which comes from the three cups
of sauces required to make this sauce: soy, sesame oil and rice wine. The most popular version of this
 dish is made with chicken, called sanbeiji, and originates from the Jianxi province of Southern China. The added basil gives it that distinctive Taiwanese aroma. The dish is a very humble and home style type of dish. You can also make this dish with aubergine, tofu and squid, but our favourite version is with clams.” The BAO team,


  • Serves 2
  • Ginger 3cm
  • Garlic cloves 3
  • Fresh red chilli 1
  • Light soy sauce 2tbsp
  • Dark soy sauce 2tbsp
  • Caster sugar 3tbsp
  • Rice wine vinegar 1tbsp
  • Chinese wine (such as Shaoxing) 6 tbsp
  • Clams 400g
  • Vegetable oil 2tbsp
  • Sesame oil 1tbsp
  • Thai basil leaves, a handful (normal basil is a fine substitute)
  • Ideal for C3 Frying Pan


Clean and scrub the shell of the clams thoroughly. Rinse the clams with cold water and drain.
Roughly chop all the (peeled) ginger, garlic cloves and the red chilli.

To make the three-cup sauce, heat the vegetable oil and sesame oil in the frying pan.

On medium heat, fry the garlic, ginger and chilli for around two to three minutes until aromatic.

Add the Chinese wine, followed by both the soy sauces, the rice wine vinegar and sugar.

Turn the heat up and add the clams with the rice wine, and over the pan with the lid.

Cook until some of the clams are starting to open, this should take around two to four minutes.

Add the three-cup sauce and the Thai basil until it starts to wilt.

Serve immediately.