Lobster With Wild Garlic And Ginger - James Knappett

We asked a few of our favourite chefs to come up with unique recipes for our pans. Todays lobster recipe from James Knappett is made in our C2 sauté pan. Previous recipes include Sanbei clams by Bao and Lyle's sourdough by James Lowe. Look out for next weeks recipe by Karam Sethi.

Lobster with wild garlic and ginger - James Knappett:

"Cooking lobster in its shell is one of the best ways to extract the flavours of the animal. The shell is where all the intense shellfish flavours dwell. Being able to cook a whole dish in one pan is a great way to save on cleaning and its how I do most of our cooking at home: Its simple, easy and delicious. It also means you don't lose or waste anything. When wild garlic comes into season, its one of the most exciting times in Britains cooking season". James Knappett, 


  • Serves 6
  • 2 whole lobster 
  • Grapeseed oil 1tbsp
  • Maldon sea salt (for seasoning)
  • Unsalted butter 3tbsp
  • Brown butter 2tbsp
  • Julienne ginger 1tbsp
  • Wild garlic leaves, a large hand full (washed and dried)
  • Ideal for C2 Saute Pan


To brown the butter, cook it until it starts turning dark and takes on a nutty aroma.

Twist the tails of the lobster from the head. Empty the coral and head juices from the lobster and put them on the side.

Cut the lobster tails in half length-wise and season the meat lightly with the Maldon sea salt.
Add grapeseed oil to the pan and make sure the bottom of the pan is covered. Heat the pan up until the oil is almost smoking.

Add the lobster tails to the pan with the meat side down, cook until lightly golden.

Add the unsalted butter and turn the tails over to their shell side. Cook the tails for 30 seconds longer in the foaming butter, then remove from the pan.

Return the pan to the heat and throw in the wild garlic leaves. Sautee the leaves until wilted. Add the julienned ginger to the pan and sautee for 30 seconds. Add the brown butter.

At the last second, add the lobster coral and head juice to the pan and cook for 10 seconds.
Take the lobster tail to the plate and pour the wild garlic and ginger over the lobster tail.

Serve to friends.