Sun, May 05, 19

S-Range is a new collection of refined, induction-specialised performance pots and pans designed for Crane by London based industrial designer Felix de Pass. 

Made using progressive 3.0mm steel/aluminium/steel compound technology. An aluminium core is sandwiched between layers of premium quality 18/10 stainless steel, including magnetic steel, that makes the pans suitable for use on induction hobs (and all other hob types). The multi-layering continues not only through the base but throughout the whole pan body, ensuring excellent heat conduction from base to rim, preventing hot-spots and increasing efficiency. This uni-body construction means there is no split line at the base to be kept clean when washing.

Performing to a professional standard on all hob and oven types, S-Series pans are ergonomically designed to create the ideal balance of control and durability. The die-cast stainless steel handles have been designed to provide the optimum length and size for best weight distribution, and are permanently secured to the pans with stainless steel rivets for longevity. An all-round pouring rim allows clean and consistent pouring from any side.

Soft geometry converges with straight lines, uplifting angles, and a fine satin brushed finish, giving the pans a refined technical appearance that reflects their functional efficiency and making them an ideal tool for the modern everyday kitchen and table. 

Made in England to exacting standards S-Series pans come with a lifetime guarantee.


Photography Angela Moore.