S-SERIES 2 Pan Set (S4, S5)

S-SERIES 2 Pan Set (S4, S5)

260mm Diameter—80mm High
Weight 2.2 kg, Volume 4L / 4.2QT

290mm Diameter—45mm High
Weight 1.2 kg, Volume 4L / 4.2QT

The Highly professional S-Series in multi-layer stainless steel, is designed by industry experts and handmade in England. The unique 3.0mm multi-layered structure provides instant, even heat distribution through the whole body of the pans, not just the base, making these pans super-efficient tools for the modern everyday kitchen and table.


  • Lifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty
  • Made in EnglandMade in England
  • 1Designed inDesigned in Great Britain
  • Suitable for all hobsSuitable for all hobs including induction
  • Ergonomic powerErgonomic power grip handles
  • S-SERIES 2 Pan Set (S4, S5)
  • S-SERIES 2 Pan Set (S4, S5)
  • S-SERIES 2 Pan Set (S4, S5)
  • S-SERIES 2 Pan Set (S4, S5)

“Crane Cookware is always good. The four-pan set will tackle the most arduous jobs with form and function in perfect harmony.” 

Lisa Markwell, Sunday Times Food 


Crane S-Series pans are the perfect companions to any passionate cook! They are a dream to work with both at home and in a restaurant. I’ve not used any of my other cookware at home since. They have great heat distribution, are hard wearing, easy to clean and beautiful to look at! 

Chef Nuno Mendes, nunomendes.co.uk 


“Everyday pans with a clean, timeless design. They go smoothly from hob to table and work as well on gas as they do on induction. A rare treat!”

Anna Jones, annajones.co.uk