A synthesis of science, practicality and beautifully simple design.


Taking inspiration from food as both the creator of memories, and the receptacle within which memories are stored, Crane began as a cookware company. Combining modern design with heritage manufacturing, Crane cookware brings the performance, atmosphere and aroma of the professional kitchen into the home.

Quality and durability

Crane products are created with a sincere commitment to design, integrity and a focus on form and function. A synthesis of science and functional simplicity, Crane cookware has become a perennial favourite for home cooks and industry chefs alike.

Expanding Range

With food at the centre of each creation, we have begun expanding the range of products that Crane offers from the kitchen to the wider home. Crane products now encompass the whole experience of food, which for us is the opportunity for storytelling that food allows.


"The strongest of memories are made around eating and sharing food, and, in turn, what we cook, the ingredients we use and the environment in which we eat all play a part in this creation of memory. Crane products include not just the tools of the kitchen, but the environment that inspires the creation of a dish, in the kitchen and throughout the rest of the home. As our range grows to encompass the wider rituals of food, from preparing the ingredients, to laying the table and setting the scene, each product continues to be designed to delight, inspire and add joy."