Lyle's x Crane x VG&P - London Design Festival

To celebrate the launch of our cast iron pan collection Lyle's will be hosting a few very special lunches and dinners during this year’s London Design Festival, from the 22nd to the 24th September.

At the one-off installation, chefs and designers will be coming together to showcase the designs of the new Crane Cookware range, a bespoke table designed by Very Good & Proper, and a family-style menu by James.

Using Crane pans to prepare and present the meal, Lyle's will be serving a special menu on the Very Good & Proper table, designed to be shared communally by up to 10 people at each service. Ceramics will be created by Owen Wall and Skye Corewijn, with seasonal flowers from Hattie’s Flower Shop.

The special service will be available for lunch and dinner on Tuesday 22nd September; lunch and dinner on Wednesday 23rd September, and the final lunch on Thursday 24th September and will cost £29 per head for lunch and £44 per head for dinner. Lunch starts at 1pm and dinner at 7pm, to ensure that everyone everyone is seated and ready to eat together.

You can now book for the event by calling Lyle's on 020 3011 5911.

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